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  • Sale! Shinn Ronson Chromatic 2021 Freeride/Freestyle Kiteboard

    Shinn Ronson Chromatic 2021


    Shinn Ronson Chromatic 2021   ALL NEW,AND YET SURPRISINGLY FAMILAR, THE RONSON CHROMATIC… … is the latest version of this popular and test winning model, designed to fulfil the desires of the dynamic kiteboarder not willing to be limited by conditions or riding style. We’ve utilised and developed the technological lessons learnt from the development…

  • Shinn Shinnster Chromatic 2021 Durable, Strapless, Freeride

    Shinn Shinnster Chromatic 2021


    Shinn Shinnster Chromatic 2021 ShinnsterChromatic Durable, Strapless, Freeride What is the Shinnster? It’s not a wave board and it’s not a skimboard.. the Shinnster is a kiteboard designed for strapless riding. Flatwater skate style, small onshore wave playing, no fins, 53mm fins, 80mm fins…. There are no rules, grab it and do whatever comes to mind. Maintaining…

  • Shinn Jackson Chromatic Foil Kiteboard Dedicated Foil Performance

    Shinn Jackson Chromatic Foil Kiteboard


    Dedicated Foil Performance Sizes 112 x 45 128 x 45 140 x 45 A favourite amongst debutant and experienced foilers alike the Jackson Chromatic is lighter, stiffer and more agile than any other ABS technology foil board on the market whilst maintaining the legendary durability and ease of use it’s famous for. Achieving a robust…

  • Sale! Shinn Pinbot Chromatic Kiteboard Freeride and Progression

    Shinn Pinbot Chromatic Kiteboard


    Shinn Pinbot Chromatic Kiteboard Freeride and Progression Sizes 136 x 41 (53 mm fins) 140 x 42 (53 mm fins) 144 x 44 (53 mm fins) Amazing upwind performance at all power levels, un-believable chop handling and full-service carving, loading or transitioning. The Pinbot incorporates our renowned forgiving ride qualities making it the perfect board…

  • Sale! Shinn Monk Chromatic 2021 Kiteboard

    Shinn Monk Chromatic 2021


    Shinn Monk Chromatic 2021 Unparalleled Freeride Performance Sizes 132 X 40 (43mm fins) 134 X 41 (53mm fins) 136 X 42 (53mm fins) 138 x 43 (53mm fins) 140 X 44 (53mm fins) Crisp and sharp performance in an industry leading package that combines unbelievable chop handling, amazing carving and an outstandingly easy, comfortable ride,…

  • Sale! Shinn ADHD Chromatic Kiteboard

    Shinn ADHD Chromatic Kiteboard


    Shinn ADHD Chromatic Kiteboard High Performance Freestyle and Big Air Sizes – ALL NEW SIZES 140 x 41.5 (43mm fins) 145 x 43 (43mm fins) New Full Length Drive Channels increase control for handling the massive power levels required for explosive moves and combined with the Tunnel Concave Tips work to stop the fins catching or…

  • Shinn Resurector 2021 Wing

    Shinn Resurector 2021 Wing


    The Shinn Resurector is the high performance – high quality wing you would expect from Shinn. Focusing on power, stability and effortless control this is a truly all-round wing capable of taking you from your first days on the water until you‘re competent and confident in all winds, waves and even in the air. Low…

  • Shinn Sneaker 6 Footpads and Straps


    Shinn Sneaker 6 Footpads and straps. You want comfort, adjustability, secure connection and light-weight all in one package? sneaker 6 delivers them all. we stepped up to the plate keeping all your favourite features in a classic velcro set-up yet tweaked the areas we felt needed it. the timeless velcro system allows for a huge…

  • Shinn Mega K Alloy 2020


    Model K Foil Early starting, stability, great pitch control and amazing carving. It reads like a shopping list for your next foil but the Model K really does do it all. Once you’ve mastered the impossibly easy to learn on Model P foil the Model K represents our vision for the step-up, perfect x-over, multi…

  • Shinn K2 & Alloy Mast 2020


    It’s 2 years since we tore up the rule book and introduced the Model P – a revolution for learning to foil and now we’re at it again. Even now there is a chasm in terms of ability needed between beginner and true performance foils – for 2019 we aim to close that gap and…

  • Shinn Model P Foil (v2) 2019


    INDUSTRY STANDARD BEGINNERS FOIL Amazing progression with the easiest to learn foil on the market today. 1150cm2 wing gives amazing low speed lift and pitch control for in-experienced foilers ST3 G10 Stabiliser 280cm2 When asking riders about their reluctance to foil the answer is always the same – it’s too difficult and too dangerous, well…

  • Shinn Model K-2 Carbon Kitesurf Hydrofoil


    Carbon K2 Foil Introduced last year the K2 foil introduced new levels of stability and control in a foil that was fast, easy to use and incredibly pitch stable. For 2020 we raise the bar once again by offering this foil with our all new Carbon composite mast. With more than 2 years R and…

  • Sale!

    Shinn Pinbot Red Kiteboard


    DESIGN DETAILS Freeride and Progression Pinbot RED 135 x 41 138 x 42 141 x 44 Pinbot RED TT1600 140 x 42 144 x 44 New for 2020 is the Pinbot RED TT1600 with sizes best suited to beginners, a lower rocker for improved learning efficiency and a super durable TT1600 surface finish. Amazing upwind…

  • Sale!

    Shinn Monkette Double Trouble Kiteboard


    DESIGN DETAILS The Trend Setting Womens Freeride Model SIZES: 129 x 39 131 x 40 133 x 41 For 2020, as Shinn have done with the Monk also, theyhave taken a huge step forward to bring you a board they believe will redefine the shape of freeride performance to come. Shinn’s goal? To maintain the…

  • Sale!

    Shinn Ronson Magnet Kiteboard


    DESIGN DETAILS Freeride/Freestyle/Enduro SIZES: 136 x 41 138 x 42 140 x 43 “Truly an instant classic… infinite control… Dreamy flex…the Ronson is fantastic” – sounds like the marketing department went wild but these are the words of the Kiteworld Magazine Test team. As a dynamic kiteboarder not willing to be limited by conditions or…