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  • Shinn Suprahydro Foil Package

    Shinn Suprahydro Foil Package


    Shinn Suprahydro Foil Package Lighter, Stiffer and supremely efficient the Suprahydro wings display quite probably the best combination of glide and carve on the market today. A truly versatile, modern, modular hydrofoil that not only blends but outshines the performance characteristics of both traditional low and high aspect ratio wings. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in…

  • Shinn Carbon Bag Set 2021

    Shinn Carbon Bag Set 2021


    Shinn Carbon Bag Set 2021

  • Shinn Resurector 2021 Wing

    Shinn Resurector 2021 Wing


    The Shinn Resurector is the high performance – high quality wing you would expect from Shinn. Focusing on power, stability and effortless control this is a truly all-round wing capable of taking you from your first days on the water until you‘re competent and confident in all winds, waves and even in the air. Low…