AK Surf Wing Foil – Carbon 2021


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Airush KiteboardingAK Durable Supply Co

AK Surf Wing Foil – Carbon 2021

Intermediate aspect ratio for ease of use.
Unique profile for great high-speed control.
2000cm² Surf front wing option.
1600cm² Surf front wing option.

The AK Surf Foil was developed for riders looking for a high lift front wing for wing foiling and heavyweight surfing. Suppliedhere with the carbon mast for added stifness, more control and lighter weight.
The intermediate aspect ratio wings with refined profiles provide the perfect balance between maneuverability, speed, and pumping.

Technical specification –
Front Wing: 2000cm2 Rear Wing: 300cm2 Mast: 80cm carbon
Front Wing: 1600cm2 Rear Wing: 300cm2 Mast: 80cm carbon
1600cm² FRONT WING
The AK 1600 was developed specifically as a surf foil to perform in small to medium size waves, or for heavier riders over 80kg / 200LBS, in all-around surf or for light wind kite foiling. It has a very good speed range and ideal for wingfoiling for those who are new to the sport but have some ability or a fast learning curve. Good in flat water or more pronounced swell.

2000cm² FRONT WING
The AK Surf Foil 2000 was developed for riders looking for a high lift front wing for wing foiling and heavyweight surfing or smaller chop / waves where slow stall speeds are essential for linking drive from confused or low power surf.

The trimmable 300cm2 rear wing allows the trim angle to be quickly adjusted to compensate for the lift requirements for different rider levels, personal preference, and when using different wing configurations.

The unique Stealth Fuselage absolutely minimizes drag while maximizing stiffness, while the flow dynamics minimize any oscillation you would find in a round fuselage, resulting in increased stability.

Further details here;
AK Foils – Original Brand Specification


1600cm, 2000cm


Wing Foil






“Whether you’re taking your first steps onto a kiteboard or setting up for the final maneuver to clinch a world title, we’ve designed and engineered our kiteboarding equipment to deliver the highest performance across all categories. From butter smooth flat water to 10ft surf, you’ll find the perfect setup to suit your riding style.”
Airush Kiteboarding

AK Durable Supply Co

AK durable supply co is a watersports brand from Cape Town, developing technical components, boards, and accessories built for watermen around the world.
AK Durable Supply Co