NeilPryde Fly Foil Wing 2023


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Neil Pryde

NeilPryde Fly Foil Wing 2023


No one can outrun evolution, but Neilpryde’s ethos has always been committed to the best engineering humanly possible. After 2 years of development, Neilpryde are confident they have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible again with the first NeilPryde wing.

The development of the FLY has been based on using the most proven materials, examining the technical development of wind foiling down to the smallest details, and adjusting all the set screws. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and many of these small technical innovations, not at all visible at first glance, make the difference here.

Born from the unconditional view of the Wing from the perspective of an engineer, sailmaker and flow expert.


> High lift Coefficient Concept – due to the highly refined LE geometry and entry shaping, each wing produces the maximum thrust (power and acceleration) for its size. This dramatically increases the range, allowing riders to use a smaller wing than is typical in each set of conditions. The result is easier handling and greater manoeuvrability.

> Modified Delta Platform – creates a more efficient LE shape and an elliptical spanwise lift for distribution for better upwing and contol

> Dihedral Front Profile – the dihedral angle allows higher aspect ratios due to increased wingtip clearance and increases performance by making the upper portion of the wing more vertical during straight line flight. It also makes the wing very roll stavle, especially when flagging.

> Low Darg Wingtips with Linear Washout – the small LE diameter at the wingtips reduces the drag and allows dynamic twist. This improves low end acceleration during pumping as well as control when powered up

> Vented Strut – the large opening between the LE and the front of the fill panel (which connect the canopy to the strut) allows the pressue to equalize across the two sides of the wing. This improves overall performnace and makes the wing even more stable.

> Rigid Tubular Handles with Proprietary Base System – add amazing roll control while providing the perfect structure to add a harnes line

> Ergonomic Design – the handle bases integrate seamlessly into the strut, while the arc of the handle plane reduces fatigue and positions the wing at the optimum flight angle

> Integral Impact Protection – the curved front handle has a bumper under the EVA grip to protect you and your board from impact

> Drop Grip Front Handle – the vertical section on the forward handles lets the rider fly the wing further from his body for more efficiency, and further increases teh wingtip clearance. It is also ideal for flagging and waveriding due to improved roll control over conventional flagging handles

> Independent LE and Strut Valves – the partition adds safety by having two separate air chambers, increases the Leading Edge stiffness (the strut cannot act as an expansion chamber for the leading edge) and allows the wing to be deflated more quickly

> Separate Air Chambers

> Push valve for Quick Inflation and Deflation

> Bladder made in Germany

> Anti-Twist System for bladder

> High Tension Canopy with Structured Camber Lens – the 3D shape of the canopy leading edge is defined by a series of transverse panels that converge at the wingtips. This leverages the LE tube structure to maximise tension in the critical entry sections – the result is more lift and a higher stall angle for better acceleration in light winds, and the ability to fly efficiently at low angles of attack for better control and higher top speeds in strong winds.

> Transverse Canopy Paneling

> Integral Batten System – sewn-in composite battens create a flat, fast trailing edge with minimum flutter

> Staggered Material Weights on Leading Edge – the use of an ultra-light, high-tenacity woven polyester at the wingtips and back of strut results in a very light ‘feel’ due to reduced swing weight

> Boundary Panel on Canopy Perimeter



1.4, 1.8, 2.2, 2.5, 2.9, 3.3, 3.6, 4.0, 4.3, 4.7, 5.0, 5.4, 5.7, 6.0




C1 Blue, C2 Berry / Orange


Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde in both windsurf sail development as well as waterwear and accessories made for Wind-Watersports, NEILPRYDE has built a legacy over the past decades and continues to do so.
Neil Pryde