Peter Lynn Impulse Trainer TR


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Peter Lynn Kiteboarding

The Peter Lynn Impulse Trainer Powerkite is the perfect trainer kite for anyone to improve their kite flying skills to get into kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting. A unique shape, bombproof construction, 3-line setup and the control bar with safety leash help beginner kite flyers to develop their kite skills and get used to the power of a kite. The Impulse TR trainer has been developed to offer a perfect balance between speed and stability, so riders get challenged when flying the kite but will not struggle to keep the kite basically in the air. The power from the kite can build up to quite a bit, so you rapidly learn which sections of the wind window create the most power and which sections the least. Peter Lynn Impulse Trainer Kite can even be used to ride a land board or a buggy, to experience kite traction activities.

Peter Lynn Impulse Kitesurfing Trainer Kite is flown on a 3-line control bar with safety system, this is so it’s as close as possible to kiteboarding right from the start. The extra center line promotes independent flying unlike other two-line trainer kites, this allows you to relaunch the kite after crashing it without the help of another.

Peter Lynn Impulse Kitesurfing Trainer Kite colours and sizes:

  • Impulse TR Trainer Power Kite 1.5m – white -green 
  • Impulse TR Trainer Power Kite 2m – white –  orange 
  • Impulse TR Trainer Power Kite 2.5m- white –  red
  • Impulse TR Trainer Power Kite 3m  – white – black

Peter Lynn Impulse TR Characteristics

  • Easy steering
  • Good power
  • Good stability
  • Easy re-launch

Peter Lynn Impulse TR Features

  • Low-Medium Aspect ratio with specially developed profile
  • Webbing reinforced cross-vents
  • High quality fabrics
  • Reinforced air intakes and bridle points
  • Efficient Dyneema® Bridle.
  • Dirt channel & Velcro dirt-outs
  • Velcro bridle loop
  • Dyneema® Flying lines attached to the kite and bar
  • Life line
  • Trainer bar with safety system

Easy steering

The Impulse TR is very easy to control. The kite steers smooth and as it is flown on a control bar, over-steering the kite is not an option. The Impulse TR has the perfect balance in steering behavior, making it challenging to fly but still easy to keep in the air.

Good power

The Impulse TR can create quite some pull, helping riders to get ready for future kite traction activities. With any form of kite traction you need quite some power to get going, so it is important to learn how to stay in control of your kite when it starts pulling.

Good stability

The Impulse TR, being a trainer kite, is designed to be extremely stable in all kinds of conditions. The kite is extremely stable so you are not struggling to keep the kite in the air but training to develop your kiting skills. With kite traction you need to be able to rely on your kite flying the way you expect it to fly, so you can control your kite hardly without looking at it. If your kite is stable and reliable like the Impulse TR, you can develop these skills from the moment your first kite is in the air.

Easy re-launch

All beginning is difficult, kiting is no exception. When you start to challenge yourself, sometimes you cannot avoid to crash your kite. With your adrenaline running at full speed you want to relaunch your kite quickly. The Impulse TR is fitted with am extra center line making the relaunch of the kite super easy. You will have your kite back up in the air within seconds, getting you right back into that adrenaline rush.

Peter Lynn Impulse TR Package:

The Impulse TR is delivered as a complete package, containing:

  • Impulse TR kite
  • Impulse TR bag
  • 3-line Trainer bar with safety leash
  • Dyneema® flying line set with stitched sleeves
  • Peter Lynn Trainer kite manual
  • Peter Lynn sticker
  • Keychain

1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m


Peter Lynn Kiteboarding

Peter Lynn Kiteboarding With “Never stop Playing” as our new mantra, we have grown, evolved and entered the next chapter of our journey to become the best kite manufacturer out there. Our core and roots remain the same, with a deep love for snow, buggy, land- and kiteboarding: PLKB’s tremendous experience creating kites that exceed expectation puts them on a whole other level. Their dedication isn’t to marketing extravaganza, but to produce the very best kites out there for everyone to enjoy and have fun with. They’ve taken on the challenge of beating big brands, defying all odds
Peter Lynn Kiteboarding