USED Eleveight FS v4 12m Blue

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USED Eleveight FS v4 12m Blue

Great condition, no repairs. Used about 10 times.


Eleveight FS V4 Kite – 2021


Eleveight FS V4 Kite – 2021

The 2021 Eleveight FS series version 4 of the freestyle, big air flagship kite from Eleveight. The Eleveight FS is an explosive open-c shaped kite gives you the power to boost higher, loop harder and pop more aggressively than ever before. But you don’t need to be a professional to access all of this performance; with its intuitive direct feel, wide angle of attack, the Eleveight FS is a truly progressive kite with which you can unlock the truly highest of highs.

The 2021 Eleveight FS V4 features –
•    Five strut Open-C design
•    High-performance kite to excel in freestyle and big air
•    High aspect ratio for explosive lift
•    Medium to low sweep provides power and grunt
•    Plenty of line slack simplifies freestyle tricks
•    Improved upwind performance and great stability
•    New bridle system with added trim option for customized performance

Sizes – 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 12 / 14

The largest improvements for 2021 are the reworked canopy curve of the FS v4 to improve the load distribution of the kite. This change has resulted in even more raw power to be on tap, especially when sheeted in or during the huge airs you can expect. Add to this a completely new lightweight trailing edge with high density anti-vibration patches and reworked load diffusers the life and performance of your FS has been extended by dampening canopy flutter. Version 4 of the Eleveight FS is also more agile and dynamic than ever before as these changes has resulted in an even lighter and therefore more responsive kite. The strut tips has also be modified to reduce tip drag ensuring the FS loop faster and in an even more predictable fashion. This performance has been enhanced further still as bridles of the kite are now closer to the wingtips to increase the direct bar feedback increasing feedback during more technically demanding manoeuvres such as handle passes.

Eleveight Bars Are Here

Eleveight FS V4 Kite - 2021 Freestyle Series Our freestyle flagship kite




Freestyle, Wakestyle



Inspired by the roots…

Eleveight have a strong passion for water sports. An urge to be out there. This manifests in the brand we created. Our main drive comes from our history and passion. At Eleveight we are all avid kiteboarders and water sportsman, inspired by kiteboarding, surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding and windsurfing.