Where do your lessons take place?

Lessons take place all over the Suffolk and Norfolk coast. Kessingland, Lowestoft, Sea Palling, Hunstanton Southwold and Walberswick depending on the best wind direction.



Do I need to be physically strong?

No, kite surfing is all about technique,  children as young as 7 are taking the sport up. A harness is worn so your body weight does all the hard work.


Do I need to be able to fly a kite?

No, hand eye coordination is key, kites  are relatively easy to fly, with the right tuition.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

I have a range of equipment, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, harnesses and helmets as well as the kitesurfing equipment. If you have your own wetsuit or kitesurfing kit feel free to bring it along. Please bring with you  some warm clothes, sun cream and a towel.


How much does all the equipment cost?

wetsuit, harness, kite, bar, board, helmet, buoyancy aid can range from £400 second hand to £800 brand new.


Is kitesurfing dangerous?

Thanks to big design improvements of the kites in last couple of years, the sport has become much safer. I only use the latest and safest equipment, all of which have 100% depower safety systems.


Am I too old for kite sports?

Generally most kitesurfers are middle aged and often into their 60′s, As long as there are no medical reasons why you cannot kitesurf  I am happy to teach you at your own pace.  Kite lessons are no longer than 3 hours and most students work in pairs to avoid getting to tired.