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  • Cabrinha Airush package

    Cabrinha + Airush Package


    Cabrinha + Airush Package Cabrinha FX 2020 Sale – 12m, Blue/Orange Airush Ride Bar 2022 – 50cm Airush Switch V11 2022 – 144×43 Reedin Pump

  • Sale! 25% OFFReedin Supermodel + Super E PackageReedin Supermodel V3 Kite 2022

    Reedin Supermodel + Super E Package


    Reedin Supermodel + Super E Package A kitesurfing package that will take you all the way from beginner to pro. No compromise on quality, performance yet easy to use equipment that you won’t need to upgrade. If you have any questions on the right board or kite size for your local conditions, your skill level…

  • Airush One & Switch V11 package

    Airush One & Switch V11 package


    Airush One & Switch V11 package One Version 2 Plug & play for ease of use. Instant depower, large wind range & simple relaunch. Single strut kite design for gusty or lighter winds. The One is a lightweight single strut kite that has incredible relaunch capabilities. Made with lightweight components and durable D2 cloth, keeping the…

  • Airush Lithium V13 & Switch package 2021

    Airush Lithium V13 & Switch package 2021


    Airush Lithium V13 & Switch package 2021 Airush Lithium V13 2022 All-around Freeride performance. Precise steering, balanced & stable. Powerful delta hybrid with a huge wind range. For the rider looking for a kite that provides an endless amount of fun on the water, the Lithium is the ultimate all-around freeride performance kite. Versatile in the surf, easy to…