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Peter Lynn Kiteboarding



The Peter Lynn Capital is built to offer freestyle and wakestyle performance as well as general all round freeride. It’s the deal board if you’re starting to explore jumps and want to progress through them quickly and easily. From learning jumps to throwing the biggest passes, the Capital is made for the biggest pops and soft landings! Riding with a balanced grip thanks to the nice channel, the Capital will be your constant companion!

– Light yet durable and strong board made with paulownia and ash core with a fully carbon finish.
– Nice shaped rocker line for a board steady in all conditions and that can pop hard, fly high and land softly and steadily
– Balanced rockerline fit for a freestyle/wakestyle board
– Perfect channels to ensure grip and improve control doing jumps
– 40mm G10 fins for an incredible grip
– Soft pads and straps that ensure you don’t slip out


  • 137 X 42
  • 142 X 43

The wide tips combined with the stiff core give you plenty of pop for your freestyle tricks, while its rocker lets you land more tricks than ever before. The channels at the bottom make the board land jumps with ease. The board has a paulownia and ash core with a fully carbon finish to make it as light as possible, but strong so you can land all the jumps you could imagine without worrying about durability!

The Capital board has a paulownia and ash core with a fully carbon finish. These together make the board as light as possible, yet also very durable and strong, so that you can land all the jumps you could imagine without worry. Like a cat, you will always land on your feet!

The good balance between stiffness for pops and flexibility for landings is amazing. Pop hard, fly high and land softly and steadily. Hard flex and wide tips give the board maximum pop. At the same time, carbon makes the board lighter and more durable.

The rocker line is very important for a freeride and freestyle board. Too much rocker will slow you down but it’s also necessary for soft landings and an easy ride, while not enough rocker is fast but not comfortable. The medium rocker on the Capital has been shaped to provide optimal landing for all your jumps and is balanced out perfectly, which makes this board steady in all conditions.

To ensure grip and improve control

The single-step tips provide more grip when cruising. They make the Capital find its track easily and increase flow over the fins. The tips efficiently re-direct the water’s exit path so the board will never stick to the water. Single-step tipsDual middle channel

When you start doing jumps, you want a playful board that makes you land as many tricks as possible. The channels in the middle section give you grip for big air and, when landing, steer your board in the right direction. At the same time, the channels make the board loose enough to allow you to finish your trick. This perfect balance between grip and playfulness increases your trick rate. The flat part in the middle is developed to create enough surface area to shred the park.

The Capital comes with 40mm G10 fins to ensure a nice grip without losing the ability to correct your landing. A combination of grip and playfulness is well tested and works smoothly.

A perfect fit of your pads and straps is essential for a good board feeling. The new dual Velcro foot strap has four adjustment points for a perfect fit around your foot. The EVA footpads have an extra toe grip and ergonomic 3D shape to hold your feet securely.


134 x 41.5, 137 x 42, 140 x 42.5, 142 x 43


Freestyle, Wakestyle


Peter Lynn Kiteboarding

Peter Lynn Kiteboarding With “Never stop Playing” as our new mantra, we have grown, evolved and entered the next chapter of our journey to become the best kite manufacturer out there. Our core and roots remain the same, with a deep love for snow, buggy, land- and kiteboarding: PLKB’s tremendous experience creating kites that exceed expectation puts them on a whole other level. Their dedication isn’t to marketing extravaganza, but to produce the very best kites out there for everyone to enjoy and have fun with. They’ve taken on the challenge of beating big brands, defying all odds
Peter Lynn Kiteboarding