Reedin DreamStick X V2 Bar 2024


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Reedin DreamStick X V2 Bar 2024


DreamStick X V2 Bar 2024

Connect with what’s most important.

Featuring Reedin’s trusty Monobloc centre line, the DreamStick X V2 offers one of the best auto-swivel options out there whilst ensuring maximum freedom of movement to let you to steer and depower your kite simultaneously.  This upgraded system ensures the rotation of both flagging and front lines for maxium safety when operating your quick release. This year’s DreamStick X has been upgraded with SK99 Cousin flying lines that are  20% stronger and 30% more resistant to chafing than standard Dyneema. Along with other great feautures such as the Seatbelt Click-In Quick Release, skinny bar diameter and new easy bend foats this bar is truly a dream in hand.  The Dreamstick X is compatible with any 4 line kite that was designed to be flown on a “Low V” or “Low Split” bar setup with a single line flag-out safety system.

Line Length: 22m + 2m = 24m 

Dreamstick X V2 comes standard in a 24m line configuration with a removable 2 metre extension for a quick conversion to 22m lines. A unique feature is Reedins foldable line system, which allows you to quickly convert to a 13m, 12m, or 11m setup, depending on whether you fold the lines with or without the 2m extensions, or add the 2m after folding. Ideal for some mean loops, foiling, or occasional teaching in strong conditions.

Bar Width: 43cm to 49cm 

Dreamstick X V2 is easily converted from a 49cm width to a 43cm bar width by flipping the adjusters. We suggest riding SuperModels 4m-6m on 43cm, 7m & 8m on either setting, and 9m and up on the 49cm setting.

Standard or Shorty?

The standard Dreamstick X V2 is tuned perfectly for all the Reedin SuperModels and makes optimum use of its depower range. However some younger or smaller riders with shorter arms can have trouble reaching the bar at the end of the bar throw. New to the range this year is the Shorty DreamStick X. The depower bar-throw has been reduced from 50cm to 42cm, while adding length to the depower line to keep line-length the same and have full depower potential when trimming the bar.


Standard, Shorty





'At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all the possibilities of kiting'