Reedin No Brainer 2024


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Reedin No Brainer 2024


Introducing the Reedin NoBrainer 2024, offering unparalleled strapless versatility for kiteboarding enthusiasts.

The Reedin NoBrainer 2024 excels in diverse conditions, effortlessly navigating choppy waters, maintaining stability during jumps, and delivering exceptional performance in various wave types.

Reedin NoBrainer 2024 provides unique rocker line, featuring a step in the back, provides dual functionality:on flat water, riders can position themselves further forward to utilize the straighter rocker, while engaging in wave riding shifts the back foot rearward, leveraging the higher kick tail rocker for unparalleled turns.

Jumping on flat water with the Reedin NoBrainer 2024 is a breeze, thanks to the step tail facilitating effortless lift at the front of the board, enhancing “ollie” jumps with unmatched ease.

The heightened rocker in the nose facilitates tight turns on smaller waves and prevents pearling during vertical maneuvers in steeper, hollower waves. This rocker design also simplifies tricks, allowing for smoother landings with fins forward, keeping them clear of the water to focus solely on perfecting your technique.

Enhanced with double channels near the rail, the Reedin NoBrainer 2024 provides added drive and grip for both straight-line cruising and executing tricks. Additionally, the recess along the rail enhances board stiffness while offering increased grip for grabs.

Undoubtedly, the Reedin NoBrainer 2024 stands as the epitome of advanced and purposeful design in kiteboarding surfboards, setting a new standard for performance and innovation in the sport.


  • XPS core Exclusive closed Cell waterproof EPS core made Europe
    Infused Soric sandwich Infusion allows for the perfect ratio fiber to
    resin for maximum strength, while the Soric ads and extra layer of
    resistance to impact
  • U stringer Uniquely made Stringer for added solidity and better flex
    than the old school wood stringer
  • Carbon stringer on bottom Superior reflex for when getting out of a
    turn or simply riding straight.
  • Step tail rocker Two in one board, maximum stability when riding
    straight, extra rocker for wave riding, and easy ollie jumps
  • High rocker in nose Forgiving in wave riding and when riding
  • Wide nose shape More homogenous push from the wind under the
    board when jumping
  • Double channel Added grip
  • Reedin Corduroy and Square pattern pads maximum grip and
  • Made in Portugal by actual surfers and kitesurfers

Sizes available: 4’10”x 17”5/8 x 1”3/4 – 17.25L | 5’1” x 17”7/8 x 1”3/4 – 21.25L


4’10”, 5’1”


Surf, Wave



'At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all the possibilities of kiting'