Reedin SuperNatural SSD


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Reedin SuperNatural SSD


Wingfoiling is exciting because it allows riders to have fun in much lighter winds than many other windsports. At Reedin, we are always looking for ways to maximize the time riders can spend on the water without compromising ease of use or performance. That’s why we developed the Short Span Design.

The SuperNatural SSD has a shorter wingspan achieved by increasing the strut length and adding two side struts, creating a more boxed shape in the wingtips, which is perfect for lightwind performance. We also increased the dihedral angle to keep the wingtips from touching the water, making it easier to handle. Additionally, the new rigid handles make these large wings super easy to control and absolute beasts in light wind performance.

But that’s not all. We know that light winds can easily pick up, so we tuned the canopy and profile to remain highly controllable in higher wind speeds, eliminating the need to switch wings and allowing riders to focus on what they love doing. With SuperNatural SSD, you can ride with ease in both light and higher windspeeds, without compromising performance or maneuverability.

Easy handling | Lots of low-end power | Direct control



Vertical tension seams Canopy seams are running vertically along the wing, each seam rigidifies and takes on most of the load, this provides a stiffer canopy that will have minimum deformation while riding and over time.

Tensioned canopy for the most stable profile and wing, this provides a very direct feel with minimal flutter when riding and also ensures a very stable ride in both neutral style riding when you simply hold the wind in the wing using the front handle and riding position.

Triple layer LE exclusive gradiated LE in the center provides a very stiff wing for direct and efficient feel.

Evolutive dihedral Each size has a specifically tuned dihedral angle for an optimum projected wingspan. This provides the best and easiest handling per size.

Rigid handles Featuring an oval section giving you perfect control of the roll of the wing, allowing to precisely position your wing in all situations.

Strut deflate valve for fast deflation combined with a 9mm one pump hose for faster inflation of strut. Hose and dump valve are located in the very front of the strut to also act as a lock for the strut bladder to prevent unwanted movements of the bladder when the wing is deflated ensuring longevity of the bladder.

Windows made with army grade clear material. Light, durable and weather proof, can be folded with confidence and most importantly do not modify the riding characteristics thanks to the weight and stretch of the window material being very close to the one of canopy material.

S-strut with recessed handles: The back of the strut is directly connected to the canopy for a very direct feel, the recess at level of handles offer the best ergonomics possible.


6m, 7.2m, 8.2m


Jet Black, Neptune Blue



'At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all the possibilities of kiting'