Shinn Rear Stabiliser wings 2022


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Shinn Rear Stabiliser wings 2022

Designed for balance, stability and ultimate carving the S20 range of stabilisers is available in either HD or MD carbon construction. The pronounced winglets stabilise yaw (the tendency of the foil to slip sideways through the water) however their downturned aspect keeps them safely deep in the water during hard carving removing the possibility of tip cavitation as they approach the surface. Stabilisers work by balancing the tendency of the main wing to drop (via the weight of board and rider). Beginner to intermediate riders should choose stabiliser size based on their weight. Advanced riders will probably prefer the smaller S20.2.

Span 48cm
Recommended rider weight >85kg

Span 42cm
Recommended rider weight <85kg

High Modulus Carbon Construction
The highest level of technology available, the HM Carbon wing construction, Utilises High-Modulus (HM) Spread-Tow carbon built around a precision shaped, CNC cut, high density EPS foam core both the wings and the mast in this set are industry leading light and stiff. All the carbon parts are supplied in padded covers and inside a padded travel case.

Multi Directional Carbon Foil
A brand new technology, the MD Carbon foil features carbon wings utilising recycled Multi-direction carbon fibre matt built around a precision shaped, CNC cut, high density EPS foam core. Both wing and stabiliser achieve un-rivalled weight and rigidity delivering a light and stiff foil with a matt black finish at a price normally associated with the High Modulus construction.

Rear Stabiliser wings

MD Stab Wing S20.1, MD Stab Wing S20.2, HM Stab Wing S20.2, HM Stab Wing S20.1



Shinn founded in 2005, Shinn is the creation of multiple time World Kiteboarding Champion Mark Shinn. A product of the first Generation of kiteboarding Mark was at the front of multiple styles and riding discipline changes with the constant shifts building and enhancing his feel and expectations of what his equipment should be capable of.