Airush Ultra V4 2021


Ultimate lightweight design for foil, freeride & surf.
Unique combination of stability & responsive drive.
High-performance, lightweight Single Strut Geometry.

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Airush Kiteboarding

Airush Ultra V4 2021 Kite

The ultimate light wind kite for foil, freeride and surf

The Airush Ultra is one of the most popular kites to use in minimal conditions. The kite has only one strut, making it mega light. As a result, the Ultra flies even with the softest breeze. Once in the air, the kite immediately feels familiar thanks to the unique blend of stability, power and responsive drive. The 2021 Airush Ultra is already the fourth version, even more refined to offer you a wonderful freeride sensation in low wind speed. New for this year is the improved Canopy tension to make it even more responsive!

The Airush Ultra V4 2021 has only one strut in the center of the kite. This provides stability and allows the water to run off the kite after a crash. All oter struts have been removed to save weight. Nevertheless, the Airush Ultra V4 feels mega stable thanks to the Airush Load Frame. The Airush Load Frame with WebTech provides excellent durability without compromising on weight. By expanding Airush’s exclusive loadframe with WebTech in the areas normally covered by Dacron, the Airush Ultra becomes much lighter and strength increases. This makes the Airush Ultra V4 2021 not only super light, but also survives a major crash.

The Airush Ultra V4 is equipped with the V3.2 Bridle. As a result, the Ultra still stears perfect after you de-powering it, which benefits the wind range and overall performance. The position of the bridle in conjunction with the V-pulleys ensure a light steering behavior and nice and direct. Yet you always feel where the kite is located so that you can focus on your nice session!

The Airush Ultra feels completely at home in the hands of foil kiters. The kite really flies with minimal wind and hangs in the air super well. If you like wave riding, the Ultra is also a nice choice. The Ultra’s light weight gives it a very good drift. Use the power of the wave and the Airush Ultra 2021 will drift wonderfully with you.


  • Airush Ultra V4 2021 Kite
  • Super light due to one strut design
  • Airush Load Frame
  • Airush WebTech
  • Double Ripstop fabric
  • V3.2 Bridle system
  • XL inflate / deflate
  • One-pump SPS inflate system
  • Lightweight Ultra High Modulus yarn
  • Available in two coloursAirush Ultra V4 2021 Kite



4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 17m


Red/Teal, Slate/Teal


Allround, Foil, Freeride






“Whether you’re taking your first steps onto a kiteboard or setting up for the final maneuver to clinch a world title, we’ve designed and engineered our kiteboarding equipment to deliver the highest performance across all categories. From butter smooth flat water to 10ft surf, you’ll find the perfect setup to suit your riding style.”
Airush Kiteboarding