Reedin SuperModel HTF 2 2024


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Reedin SuperModel HTF 2 2024

A key focus for the 2024 Supermodel kite was to save weight over the previous versions and the Reedin Design team have delivered an enormous 15% weight reduction, resulting in the 9m losing 450 grams!



You’ll instantly notice the difference in every aspect of flying the kite. Faster loops that catch way earlier, quicker turning, better drift, and increased low-end performance. Another major update has been SUPERMODEL’s bridles which have gone from an 8-point system to a 12-point system. The entire kite feels more solid in the air, making it more stable and turn smoother. It ensures greatly increased high-end performance and stability in powered-up conditions. Every single size has been individually tuned and improved. The unique “Hybrid Torsion Frame” combines stiff Dacron in the centre of the leading edge and FlexLite Dacron in the areas that are key to make a kite turn quick. Continued testing and has led the Reedin development team to the Supermodel 2024.  Featuring two key changes. The first, is an added segment of FlexLite Dacron, making the kite turn faster and react quicker. The second, is a completely new 90gsm material for the struts, greatly reducing weight and making a smoother flex pattern to translate steering input into the canopy. Combined with updates in tension seams and trailing edge construction to help increase durability and reduce canopy flutter, SUPERMODEL has gotten more responsive, turns faster, and has an even smoother finishing of the turns. You will jump higher and pull easier kiteloops with more confidence.

It re-directs quicker while wave- riding, and generates more power in underpowered conditions. It truly improves every aspect of your kiting experience.

For light wind enthusiasts, the 14m and 16m Supermodel 2024’s have been designed with wider wingtips and full FlexLite Dacron is used in the leading edge construction. They are names the Supermodel LW. These bigger kites feel and turn like they’re defying their size.  Both the 14m and 16m come with 4m line extensions in order to get the most low-wind performance.

Features: See the Key Features Tab

Colours: New colours for 2024: Neptune Blue, Jet Black and Space Lavender.

Sizes: 4m and 5m in Neptune Blue right up to the 16mLW.

Sizes for Jet Black and Space Lavender: 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 14mLW and 16mLW.


4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 14mLW, 16mLW


Neptune Blue, Jet Black, Space Lavender





'At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all the possibilities of kiting'