Shinn ADHD 2014

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If the ultimate, kite low performance is what you seek then you better choose a tool suited for the job. Too many riders are forced into riding a sub-optimal board simply through lack of options. In a world where POP and landing are key components the ADHD can help you un-lock your potential both on the water and on the cable. Every feature of this board is designed to help you take your performance to the next level so you better get ready to get wet, progression is not easy but at least now you won’t be able to blame your deck.

■ Explosive POP for kite low tricks
■ Extended CC rocker for softer, more controlled landings
■ Dedicated binding inserts and wide stance option.
■ Hydro Flo 2 conduits for more grip with less fin
■ Designed with both PKRA and wake aficionado influence
■ Compatible with most bindings

You’ll find our feel rating with every board in our range. Kiteboarding is not an exact science, sensations are everything – numbers can be confusing. Smoother is softer, sharper is more responsive – it’s not better or worse and it’s not the same for everyone. Use it as a pointer to help you understand which Shinn is right for you.

128 x 39
130 x 40
132 x 41
134 x 42
136 x 44

// Sneaker X ’14
You want comfort, adjustability, secure connection and light-weight all in one package? Sneaker X 14 delivers them all. Our buckle system allows for the re-sized strap to achieve a huge adjustment range yet still makes micro adjustments a breeze, from petite chica’s to elephants in booties – we’ve got you covered! Our memory foam heel insert ensures the pad is perfect for every foot no matter the shape and size and our new Zoned traction surface means grip to stomp your landings yet easy entry and exit when you need it. Combine the lightest pad and strap set on the market with the lightest board ranges on the market and what do you get? It’s a Shinn, of course!

– New one size fits all progressive geometry
– Plush pro memory foam heel bed
– Micro adjustable tuning buckle
– Adjustable stance angles
– Ergonomic 3D bed shaping
– Zone specific traction pattern

// Technology
Mark Shinn was KPWT World Champion and PKRA World Champion, infact the one and only rider in kiteboarding history who took the two titles in the same year. Since then he has been applying his technical knowledge to the finest kiteboarding factories in the world to make sure that not only do Shinn boards perform at the cutting edge of kiteboard technology, but their look, durability and customer service sets the standard for modern kiteboard production. Here are examples of some the technologies and principles used.

// Constant Curve rocker
Our continuous rocker delivers constant edge grip in all water states. Constant grip, means constant pressure and more time to concentrate on your next move not controlling your board through the chop.

// Progressive Concave
Used to both stiffen the centre section of the deck without affecting the tip flex and at the same time decrease the rocker of the board when riding it flatter (ie under powered). Every Shinn features a progressive concave in the base.

// Full Wood Core
When it comes to board cores the solution is clear. No other product offers the same strength to weight to reliability ratio. You expect the best and we give it to you full wood cores on all Shinn boards.

// Made In Europe
When it comes to board cores the solution is clear. No other product offers the same strength to weight to reliability ratio. You expect the best and we give it to you full wood cores on all Shinn boards.

// Two Year Warranty
Here at Shinn we stand by our products and that’s why we offer you a full 2 year warranty. If your deck fails you we’ll replace it (terms and conditions apply).

// A Lighter Tech
Everyone knows that weight matters, all Shinn boards come in significantly lighter then their equivalents from other brands. Lighter on your feet, more reactive in the air and no strength compromises made to achieve it. In our case you really do pay for less.

// Sneaker X connection system
Memory foam pad inserts, adjustable stance angles, non-slip buckle adjustment and zero tolerance nonslip surface all add up to the lightest and most comfortable deck connection system on the market today.

// Hyroflow 2
Our new Hydroflo2 shaping adds a host of features to optimize your ride for more performance without compromise. Newton explained the concepts of action and re-action and we’re not going to disagree with him. Hydro Flo2 offers:

More POP – Controlling tip torsion increases POP without effecting the control and landing comfort afforded by over all flex
More GRIP – Multiple channels increase grip without resorting to larger fins that can catch on high speed landings
Less DRAG – the central tunnel V re-aligns and compresses flow over the tips establishing a clean water release from the end of the board
Less Resistance – keeping the central section of the hull free from lumps and bumps maintains a smooth fluid path and reduces power loss through friction




Freestyle, Wakestyle





Shinn founded in 2005, Shinn is the creation of multiple time World Kiteboarding Champion Mark Shinn. A product of the first Generation of kiteboarding Mark was at the front of multiple styles and riding discipline changes with the constant shifts building and enhancing his feel and expectations of what his equipment should be capable of.